Cinnamon Teal Duck

Anas cyanoptera

Least Concern

Range & Habitat
Marshes, ponds and streams in Western North America from British Columbia in Canada south to Guatemala and east to Montana.

General Description
The Cinnamon Teal is a small dark cinnamon-red duck with a large chalky blue patch on the fore edge of the wing. Males more than eight weeks old have red-orange eyes. Females are mottled brown with pale blue wing patch. They are seldom vocal with the male emitting a low chattering and the female, a quack. They are a migrating species, doing so early and rapidly in the season. Because of the early migration, they do not figure prominently in the hunting kill in the U.S.

Reproduction & Growth
They nest in down-lined hollow, reeds or grass. The female lays 6-12 pinkish-buff eggs. The mating pair bond is maintained throughout incubation. The eggs hatch in about three weeks. The young hide in the vegetation while adult does a "broken wing" display to lure predator away before flying off. Ducklings fly when they are about a month and a half old. Adult size average 16 inches.

Diet: Omnivore
In the Wild: Primarily aquatic plants, seeds, grasses. Will also eat small aquatic animals and insects. In the Zoo: Waterfowl diet, fruits, vegetables, greens, some fish and insects.

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