Clouded Leopard

Neofelis nebulosa


Range & Habitat
Deep tropical forest, jungles and swampy areas away from human settlements in southeastern Asia from Nepal eastward to Taiwan.

General Description
The Clouded Leopard is the largest of the small- to medium-sized cats, about the size of a golden retriever. They have very flexible ankle joints, which enable them to hang upside-down and move horizontally from a tree limb to ambush their prey. Although they are arboreal, they hunt mostly on the ground and take readily to water. The clouded leopard's canines are the largest of all the cats in proportion to its body size.

Reproduction & Growth
Reproduction has never been observed in the wild, only in captivity. Gestation period is between 86 and 95 days, and birth occurs from March to August. A litter of one to five kittens is born, usually in a hollow tree. Kittens nurse for five months, acquire adult markings within the first six months and are independent at nine months. The Clouded Leopard's longevity in the wild is unknown. It has lived for up to 17 years in captivity. The adult male is approximately six feet long, including the tail, and weighs between 35 and 50lbs. The female is somewhat smaller.

Diet: Carnivore
In the Wild: Will feed on deer, cattle, goats, wild pigs, reptiles, birds and monkeys. It hunts by day or night, either by stalking its prey or by ambushing it from the trees. In the Zoo: chicken, beef, ground meat.

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