African Pygmy Goat

Capra hircus


Range & Habitat
Originally found on the African plains, now domesticated and worldwide in distribution.

General Description
The pygmy goat is known for its ability to survive on poor pasture. They are vegetarians that prefer to browse rather than graze. To reach high branches they stand on their hind legs. They are agile climbers due in part to the hair, which grows between their hooves, which gives them added traction on smooth surfaces. They are excellent jumpers, climbers and have great balance. Goats have been domesticated by man for milk and meat.

Reproduction & Growth
The normal litter is two kids after a gestation period of 21-23 weeks. Babies are born with hair and can run and jump after a few hours. Kids are weaned at 3-6 months. Goats are sexually mature as early as three months old. An adult pygmy goat is 18-20 inches tall. Their colors are brown, gray, black, white or any combination of these colors. Their hair is smooth and short. The lifespan is 8-12 years in captivity.

Diet: Herbivore
In the Wild: Grass, trees, shrubs, twigs and leaves. It is a ruminant animal, one with multiple stomachs. In the Zoo: Goat chow, vegetables, orchard grass (hay).

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