Guianan Toucanet

Selenidera piperivora

Status Least Concern

Range & Habitat
Dwell in the canopies of the moist mountain forests in Suriname, Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana and Venezuela.

General Description
This small bird is related to toucans and is a member of the Ramphastidae family. Its lifespan is 15 - 20 years. Season spans from March-June. Allopreening and courtship may occur. Nests are generally renovated natural cavities (i.e. old woodpecker holes or knot holes). Entrance holes are 4-5cm with the cavity itself 16-40cm deep. 2-4 white, roundish eggs are laid. Parents share in incubation which lasts about 16 days. Chicks are fed fruits and insects and fledging occurs around day 40. More research is needed regarding habits after fledging.

Primarily fruits, insects, and small vertebrates such as; frogs and lizards.

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