Florida Bobcat


Our bobcat Squeakers was born in Louisiana in 2005 and lived at the Audubon Zoo with her sister Scar before coming to the Brandywine Zoo. Squeakers blends into her habitat very well! Next time you are in the Zoo, look for Squeakers along her shelf on the left side of the habitat, behind the tall rock on the left side of her habitat, or hidden in the foliage in the middle of her habitat.


One of the biggest concerns for the bobcat is that they are being hunted and trapped for their fur pelts. Due to urban and agricultural expansion, the bobcat is also losing much of its natural range.

Fun Facts

Bobcats are found in every contiguous state in the United States except Delaware

Bobcats are able to take down prey animals eight times their own weight

Bobcats can leap a distance of 10-12 feet, and jump heights of 8-10 feet