The Brandywine Zoo has one Serval named Savannah. She was born sometime between 2001-2003. Savannah was a confiscated pet from Newark, DE, where she was being kept to be bred to produce Savannah cats – a domestic-serval hybrid specialty pet.


Habitat fragmentation, often caused by agricultural expansion and urban development, degrades their habitat and affects their prey animals. Servals are also poached for their fur and collected from the wild for the pet trade.

Fun Facts

“Serval” comes from the Portuguese for lynx (lobo-cerval)

The serval’s hearing is so good that it can detect animals underground

Their long legs are an adaptation for hunting in tall grass, not running quickly

Servals’ long necks help them to see over the tall grass

The Servals’ nickname is “giraffe cat”

Cubs are blind at birth and weigh only 250 grams. They will open their eyes and double their size in two weeks