The Delaware Kestrel Partnership


American Kestrel Partnership

a project of The Peregrine Fund’s

presented the 2017 American Kestrel Symposium

at The Brandywine Zoo. 

January 27 & 28, 2017

The weekend included:

  • Ice Breaker at The Brandywine Zoo
  • Presentations by citizen and professional scientists
  • Q&A sessions and panel discussions
  • Topics focusing on research techniques, nest box programs, data collection, and future projects
  • Opportunities for professionals, citizen scientists, and students to mingle


 Ice Breaker (Friday) 6-8 PM

Location: Brandywine Zoo, 1001 North Park Drive, Wilmington, DE 19802

Day One (Saturday) 9 – 5 PM

Location: Blue Ball Barn at Alapocas Run State Park
  • Presentations by professional Kestrel researchers

Day Two (Sunday) 9 – 5 PM

Location: Blue Ball Barn at Alapocas Run State Park

  • Presentations by citizen scientists
  • Panel discussion
  • Roundtable to develop standard entry format and protocols for all Kestrel researchers

Download the conference proceedings to see who attended, read abstracts, or get contact information.

Symposium Presentations

Find the presentations by our Symposium presenters below! Videos of their presentations coming soon.

Nest Box Programs For American Kestrels:

An Invaluable Tool for Research and Conservation 

with Dr. John Smallwood, Montclair State University

American Kestrel Natural History

with Jacque Williamson, Curator of Education, Brandywine Zoo

Delaware Kestrel Partnership

A Summary Of American Kestrel Banding And Band Encounter Data

with Bruce Peterjohn, USGS Bird Banding Lab

Research Recommendations To Understand Kestrel Decline

with Dr. Sarah Schulwitz, American Kestrel Partnership

The Power And Peril Of Nest Boxes

with Dr. Chris McClure, American Kestrel Partnership

Evaluating The Conservation And Agricultural Applications Of American Kestrel Nest Boxes In A Fruit-Growing Region

with Megan Shave, Michigan State University

The Effects Of Climate Change And Advancing Growing Seasons On The Nesting Phenology Of American Kestrels In Southwestern Idaho

with Shawn Smith, Boise State University

State Of Tracking Technologies For Use With American Kestrels

with Ross Crandall, Craighead Beringia South

American Kestrel Breeding Genoscape:

Using High-Resolution Molecular Markers To Identify Populations In A Raptor With A Continuous Spatial Distribution

with Michaela Brinkmeyer, Boise State University

Developing A Partnership For The Conservation Of American Kestrels, A Perspective From The Bird Banding Laboratory

with Bruce Peterjohn, USGS Bird Banding Lab

Hawkwatch International’s American Kestrel Studies

with Dr. Dave Oleyar, Hawkwatch International

American Kestrels At Hawk Mountain Sanctuary: A Long History

with Dr. JF Therrien, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Engaging The Private Landowner In Conserving American Kestrels:

Pennsylvania Farmland Raptor Project 2012-2016

with Dr. Laurie Goodrich, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Why Are We Doing This? The Role Of Citizens In The Advancement Of Knowledge

with Robyn Bailey, Cornell Lab of Ornithology NestWatch

Southwest Montana Kestrel Nest Box Project

with Paulette Epple

Long-Term Population Monitoring Of American Kestrels In Saskatchewan, Using Nest Boxes

with Jared Clarke

Integrating A Kestrel Nest Box Program In Undergraduate Biology Courses At Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska

with Dr. Joe Gubanyi, Concordia University

Blue Grass Valley American Kestrel Project

with Patricia Reum and John Spahr, Virginia Society of Ornithology

Northeast Connecticut Kestrel Project

with Tom Sayers, Connecticut Kestrel Project

Monitoring American Kestrels On New York National Wildlife Refuges

with Carl Zenger, Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Alberta American Kestrel Project

with Mitchell Warne

Western North Carolina Kestrel Monitoring

with Mark Hopey, Southern Appalachian Raptor Research