In the fall of 2016, The Brandywine Zoo partnered with the Lincoln Park Zoo’s  Urban Wildlife Institute (UWI) to conduct passive monitoring of wildlife within the State of Delaware. This project specifically focuses on monitoring green spaces inside and outside of Wilmington, Delaware at field sites along an urban to rural gradient. This monitoring project is conducted using game cameras placed along a transect running through rural to urban areas in New Castle County. The images and activities observed will be used to help connect people to nature and educate the public about the importance of biodiversity within a natural community.

The Urban Wildlife Information Network, run by UWI, consists of urban wildlife projects in more than nine cities across the country. The Brandywine Zoo is the only organization on the East Coast partnered with Lincoln Park Zoos project with the goal to help study and report on urban wildlife activities in Delaware to the greater network.

The UWIN will help provide the resources needed to study, conserve, and manage wildlife in Delaware’s urban areas. Collaboration with UWIN and other urban wildlife monitoring programs will help inform and guide urban wildlife conservation efforts in the future. Our partnership will also provide quality information that can help advance scientific understanding of urban wildlife species and their behaviors. These advances in understanding can aid city planners and architects on best-use-practices for decreasing the impacts human activities have on urban wildlife populations.

For more information on this project, contact the Program Manager:

Jacque Williamson
Curator of Education

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  • Red fox
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  • M2E1L0-0R350B320
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  • M2E64L190-190R399B413
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  • American River Otter – Urban Wildlife Monitoring

The Urban Wildlife transect crossing New Castle County