Let us bring the Zoo to you, virtually!

We’ll drop in on your pre-existing virtual class or program, or we can host a virtual program for you and your participants! We can do any platform you have – Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more!

Live Animal Programs

25-30 minutes
Bring our ambassador animals to your Zoom, WebEx, Skype or other virtual classroom for a 20-30 minute up close encounter.

Fee: Starting at $100

Ask a Zoo Expert

15-20 minutes
Bring a Zoo Expert into your classroom to discuss careers working with animals, what it’s like to be a zoo keeper, educator, researcher, or administrator, or just simply ask some zoo or animal related questions! (No animals visitors in this program)

Fee: $25

Safe Environments: Anti-Bullying Program

30 minutes
Students will meet three unusual, unloved, or misunderstood animals and learn from them how we can become allies for animals, the environment, and each other!

Fee: Starting at $100

Virtual Storybook

20-25 minutes
Join us as we read fun and fascinating animal stories with some real live zoo animals! Scholarships available for public libraries and Title 1 schools! Lots of new storybooks are available, see our options when you book your program.

Fee: $50

Recorded Programs

Don’t worry if you can’t make a live program work! We have recorded programs to launch your lessons! We also provide several activities to accompany.


This program includes three pre-recorded videos and 9 accompanying worksheets.

  • Animal Habitats: Learn how zoos design optimal habitats for animals and how research of wild animals informs how zoos care for their animals.
  • Animal Training: Why do zoos train their animals? What are the steps of animal training and how can you get started training animals?
  • Animal Nutrition: Explore how zoos feed their animals, how zoos know what to feed each species, and where zoo animal food comes from.

Fee: $75 per class

Program Details

  • Program length varies, depending on program
  • Fees due in full prior to program delivery
  • Programs that are scheduled outside of normal operating hours will include an additional fee.
  • Delaware Title 1 Schools and Educational Facilities serving low-income communities (including libraries) can apply for the WILD Scholarship to help cover some programming costs
  • To request or book your programs, please complete the Virtual Programs Form. You will hear back from someone in the Education Department within a week of your submitted form
  • If you have not heard back within a week, email education@brandywinezoo.org
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Virtual Zoo FAQs and Best Practices

Download our Virtual Zoo FAQs and Best Practices guide.