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Depending on our funding, we may need to limit the total amount of scholarship or number of programs available to each school and district. Please check with us before sending in this form.

WILD Scholarships are available September through December.


  • Only Title 1 Delaware Public School classrooms OR preschools that serve this population are eligible to receive these zoo program scholarship funds.
  • Scholarships for school programs are available M-F, Sept.-December. Schools applying for scholarship with their program completed by 5/31/2021.
  • Scholarships must be for classes of 15 or more students. Applications for entire grades will be given special consideration. Please list all teachers involved in the application.
  • Only one WILD Scholarship per grade level/per school may be received each school year.


  • Scholarship applications are considered and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications submitted less than two weeks prior to program date may not be considered.
  • WILD Scholarships are awarded for up to 50% of program costs, up to a maximum of $400.
  • Information listed on the scholarship application is strictly confidential.


  • One “Primary Contact Teacher” must be responsible for all communication with the Zoo.
  • Participating teachers listed on this form may be asked to complete a POST program evaluation form to the Zoo. Thank you cards, while not required, can also be submitted and used for reporting purposes.
  • This data collected in surveys for grant reporting purposes, so teacher participation is critical to our ability to continue to provide scholarships. Thank you!


  • You will receive notification of your award, confirmation of your visit date, and any zoo program preparation materials within two weeks of submitting your request for WILD Scholarship funding.
  • The Brandywine Zoo requires a 50% deposit to officially reserve Zoo School on-site programs, while payment for Traveling Zoos must be made in advance of your program.

How to Apply

1. Please fill out this form in its entirety, including all date and attendee figures. Please type or print. Complete one application per zoo program request date.

2. This form must be completed and sent to the Brandywine Zoo at least three weeks prior to your anticipated visit. You will receive notification of the status of your application within two weeks of submitting your request to the WILD Scholarship Program.

3. Please include any additional documentation before or after your program, where possible, demonstrating your need. This helps us to fulfill our grant reporting needs.