Last month, we told you red pandas were coming to the Brandywine Zoo–now they’re here and ready to meet you.

WDEL’s Amy Cherry has the story.

“Aw! The two girls together, adorable!”

And adorable they are–twin pandas, Gansu and Meri, are busy exploring their new home, and just like human twins, their personalities are quite different.

“Gansu is a little more reserved. Meri is more outgoing, I would say; she likes to explore things more readily. Gansu loves boxes and things like that, but Meri will check anything out,” said Brandywine Zoo animal keeper Laura Martin.

Their trainer, Martin, is a twin too, and she spends a lot of time with these girls.

“They love to eat bamboo. They also love grapes and craisins are their favorite,” said Martin.

The pandas are endangered, Brandyzine Zoo Director Gene Peacock says the cute animals will serve as a marquis animal for the zoo to promote conservation.

“Loss of habitat and then poaching for their fur are the two main reasons. They use their fur in Nepal and Tibet, they use their fur for coats, for hats,” said Peacock.

The pandas turn one year old on Friday, and with 600 people coming to help them celebrate with “Pandamonium,” they’re already well on their way to becoming superstars.

“You going to be famous? Yeah,” said a trainer as she fed treats to Gansu and Meri.