Our staff is working hard every day to bring educational resources to your living rooms. We hope the information below helps you and your family connect with us, nature, and our community! Enjoy visits to the zoo, check-in with our keepers and educators, and more fun programs by visiting our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages.

Help us continue to offer all the things you love about the Zoo!

Beastly Guests

Bring a zoo animal to your Zoom (Skype, WebEx, or other platform) session! Just send us the invite, and we’ll be there with the animals! We can join your work meetings, family phone calls, or your own virtual private party!

20 minutes with your favorite animal is only $50

Red Panda




Goats & Chickens

Ambassador Animals

  • Mixed Bag (we’ll surprise you with up to 3 ambassadors!)
  • Reptiles and amphibians (choose from snakes, lizards, frogs, or turtles)
  • North American Porcupine
  • Flemish Giant Rabbits
  • Invertebrates
  • Small mammals (Armadillo, chinchilla, and more!)

ZOOm with an animal! We will bring the Zoo to You!

Are you interested in Zooming, Skyping, or otherwise bringing the Zoo to your digital classroom or program? Schools, groups, retirement communities, or other groups  that are looking for something specialized- please reach out so we can work together!

Looking for a fun and engaging educational opportunity for your class?
The Brandywine Zoo is excited to bring our animals and educators to you, virtually! Schedule a virtual program for your school, library, community center/group, and more. If you are interested in a private program or program for a corporate meeting or group, we recommend booking a Beastly Guests program.



The Continental Creatures Camp-in-a-Box is a mini version of our week-long summer camp that your kids can do at home. It includes five days of themed activities, crafts, videos, and a surprise gift for each day. (Recommended ages 6-10)

Questions? Email Camps@BrandywineZoo.org


Day 1: South America – Condors, chinchillas and more!

Day 2: Africa – Meet the new radiated tortoise, and an animal nicknamed the giraffe cat!

Day 3: Europe and Asia – We’re off to Eurasia to learn about red pandas and bees!

Day 4: Australia – Learn about some remarkable Australian reptiles1

Day 5: North America – Let’s go back home to learn about who lives in our own backyard!

The Box costs $50 (S/H included), or $40. Have more than one camper at home? More supplies can be included for $20 per additional camper.

Virtual Scout Programs

Bring all of the fun, learning, and exploration of a Brandywine Zoo Scout Program to your home!  Our Virtual Scout Programs are designed to help girl scouts complete badge work at home.

Each Virtual Program includes:

  • Videos with educational staff and zoo animal friends
  • Activities
  • Crafts

Join our iNaturalist Project or become a Community/Citizen Scientist

Did you know that you can observe and report wildlife for science?
Join our iNaturalist project, Urban Wild, and report your observations! It’s as simple as downloading the iNaturalist phone app ( iPhone and Android), joining our project, and snapping some photos! You’ll build your identification skills while contributing to our wildlife monitoring project! Find out more…

Do you own a wildlife game camera/camera trap and want to submit your photos to us?
We’d love to see what you’re photographing, even if it’s just squirrels and your dog! For more information click here, or download our camera setup guide.

Do you really love identifying wildlife photos?
Check out camera trap projects from around the globe at Zooniverse.org.

The Brandywine Zoo wants to help celebrate your birthday by Bringing the Zoo to You!

We will send you a special video of some of our lovable animals celebrating in your honor.

Reserving a virtual birthday celebration:

  • We recommend registering at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Please allow 5-7 days for birthday package to be shipped
  • Birthday video will be emailed on the birthday date provided
  • Birthday video is for the recipient only, please do not share publicly

For more information call 302-571-7788 ext. 215 or email birthdays@brandywinezoo.org

Virtual Birthday Package 1: $30

We will send you a special video of some of our lovable animals celebrating in your honor. You will also receive a birthday message, small plush animal and two guest passes to be used at a later date. Choose from one of our plush animals (Red Panda, Sloth or Bobcat).

Virtual Birthday Package 2: $50

We will send you a special video of some of our lovable animals celebrating in your honor. You will also receive a birthday message, larger plush animal and four guest passes to be used at a later date.

Scavenger Hunts, Word Searches, Bingo, and more

Downloadable World Turtle Day activities (PDF) including crafts, mazes, and word searches

Downloadable Earth Day activities: Word Search (PDF) Crossword (PDF), Scavenger Hunt (PDF) and Word Scramble (PDF)

Palm Oil Bingo: we made an informative and fun bingo game that helps you learn about Palm Oil!  Can you fill the whole card?

Printable Brandywine Zoo Coloring Book: Coloring pages of many of our amazing animals including condors, toucan, burrowing owl, red panda, and more!
Illustrated by Irene Hopping (PDF)

Digital ZooKids

ZooKids, our summer-long, weekly, Sunday programs are now being brought to you virtually! ZooKids programs may include stories, crafts, activities, and other fun learning experiences! Virtual ZooKids will explore types of eaters (herbivores, carnivores and omnivores) and types of animals (mammals, amphibians, invertebrates and reptiles). We will be uploading them regularly so check back for more!

MammalsExplore what it means to be a mammal through crafts and games in this activity sheet!

Amphibians: Discover why amphibians are so cool in this online activity sheet!

Invertebrates: What do crabs, bugs and snails all have in common? They don’t have a backbone! Learn more through fun activities and crafts.

Reptiles: There are many different reptiles so we have put together lots of crafts and games to help you explore their similarities and differences.

Omnivore: YOU are an omnivore! Discover animals that are omnivores too through these activities, videos and crafts!

Carnivores. Carnivores come in all shapes and sizes! Explore the interesting ways they find food.

Herbivores: Explore what a herbivore is in this fun program.

Other Online Resources

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has collected resources from all the zoological organizations in the AZA that are producing online and virtual content. Check out what other facilities are doing!

We especially like the free weekly virtual programs from the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, Minnesota Zoo’s Learning Corner, Georgia Aquarium’s fantastic coloring pages, activities, and #FieldTripFriday, channel your inner #birdnerd with resources from the Tracy Aviary, and check out Denver Zoo’s Virtual Safari and webcams!

Educational Videos

Learn about the Brandywine Zoo and our animals through virtual keeper chats, training and Behind the Scene videos.

Capybara Keeper Talk, 4/28/20
Keepers’ Katie and Kelsey show you what it’s like to train a capybara! 

Red Panda Training, 4/20/20
Curator Lynn and Keeper Courtney show us how zoo keepers train the red pandas.

Porcupine Keeper Talk, 4/9/20
Learn what North American porcupines eat and how they defend themselves with Keeper Rebecca.

Andean Condors, 3/25/20
Get a  behind the scenes peek at the Andean Condor exhibit. 

Ask & Answer

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Write a letter to an animal and send it to us at education@brandywinezoo.org or message us on Facebook and we’ll answer it with our animals!

Story Time

Enjoy virtual Story Time with our Education staff and some ambassador animals!

The Lorax Earth Day Story Time: Emily reads The Lorax to animals around the zoo for Earth Day

A Frog Thing: Join Ambassador Animal Apprentice Sarah and our horned/Pacman frog Ichigo. 

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit : We celebrated Bunnyfest online this year! Join Mark and our two flemish giant rabbits for a special Story Time.

The Snake Who Was Afraid of People Story Time: Join Animal Ambassador Keeper Emily and learn about snakes as our Red Tailed Boa Cusco climbs and plays on his snake board!