Join Us for a Wild Summer!

Our summer camp is designed to provide children ages 4-17 the opportunity to learn about animals, zoos, and wildlife conservation. This enriching and educational experience will be filled with Zoo visits, live animal presentations, crafts, games, stories, learning projects, and much more!

More importantly, each child will learn the importance of having fun in nature and making new friends! Our camps are geared towards children who are eager to learn, follow directions, and want to have fun. Through our summer camp program, we are hoping to inspire the next generation of wildlife conservationists and stewards of the environment.

Summer Camps at the Brandywine Zoo
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Week Day Camps Ages
June 13-17 Tales of Tails: SOLD OUT Discover the tales inspired by amazing animals! Each day we will read an animal tale, then get hands-on to immerse ourselves in the story’s theme with crafts, games, and other exciting activities. 4-5
June 20-24 Wildlife Mythbusters: SOLD OUT Can chameleons change colors? Can porcupines shoot their quills? Discover what is real and bust the myths of the animal kingdom! 6-8
June 27-July 1 Wild Designs: SOLD OUT How do you build a zoo? What makes a great animal habitat? How do keepers prepare exhibits for more than one species? Learn about what zookeepers do to take care of animals and plan exhibits, and design an exhibit of your own! 9-11
July 4-8 Art Safari: SOLD OUT Discover and be inspired by the amazing art created by animals, or of animals, around the world! Everyday we’ll create a new project inspired by the wild artists around us while exploring different mediums. 6-8
July 11-15 Jr. Zoo Keepers: Sold Out Ever wonder what being a zookeeper really involves? Discover how our animals are cared for, practice your husbandry skills cleaning animal habitats, prepare animal diets, create enrichment, and visit behind-the-scenes to see how the zoo really works! 12-15
July 18-22 Legendary Creatures: Sold Out Unicorns, dragons, and bigfoot, oh my! Discover the legends of mythical creatures and the real life animals they are inspired by, then get creative and invent a mythical creature of your own! 6-8
July 25-29 Slime, Poo, and Bugs Too: Sold Out What might be gross to us could be the key to an animal’s survival! Learn how condor poop helps them cool down, how lemurs fight with stink, and how cockroaches are helping the world in this fun camp. 6-8
August 1-5 Survival in the Wild: Sold Out Ever wonder how animals thrive in unique, extreme environments? Join us for an exciting week of camp, learn all about the amazing adaptations that help animals all over the world survive, and even pick up a few survival tips for yourself! 9-11
August 8-12 Animal Super Powers: Sold Out Animals have some amazing super powers to help them survive in their environments! Learn about different animal powers and adaptations through activities, crafts, and live animal encounters. 6-8
August 8-12 Zoology 101: Sold Out Have you ever thought about a future career working at a zoo? During this week, you’ll get a truly hands-on experience to understand what it takes to work at a zoo! You will be trained to handle some of our ambassador animals, assist in animal care and feeding, contribute to our Urban Wild research project, and lead your own education program on the last day of camp. 14-17
August 15-19 Talk to the Animals: Sold Out Noises, smells, and body language. Animals “talk” in lots of ways, but what are they saying? Join us and discover how you can better talk to the animals! 6-8
August 22-26 Home Sweet Habitat: Sold Out Rainforests, mountains, deserts, and even our own backyards; animals are found in all sorts of habitats! Each day we’ll learn about a different habitat and the amazing animals that call it home. 6-8

Members SAVE $30 on full day camps & $20 on mini camps!

4-5 year old Mini Camp:
Drop off: 8:30-9am
Pickup: 11:30am-12pm
Members: $105/camper | Non-members: $135/camper

6-8 year old Camps:
Drop off: 8:30-9am
Pickup: 3-3:30pm
Members: $215/camper | Non-members: $245/camper

9-11 year old Camps:
Drop off: 8:30-9am
Pickup: 3-3:30pm
Members: $315/camper | Non-members: $345/camper

12-15 year old Camp:
Drop off: 8:30-9am
Pickup: 3-3:30pm
Members: $315/camper | Non-members: $345/camper

14-17 year old Camp:
Drop off: 8:30-9am
Pickup: 3-3:30pm
Members: $315/camper | Non-members: $345/camper

QUESTIONS? EMAIL CAMPS@BRANDYWINEZOO.ORG or call (302) 571-7850 Ext. 209


Check back in the fall for more dates.

Kids ages 4-14, join us as we tour the zoo, meet some animals up close, and have some fun with zoo-themed activities!  Pre-registration required.

Members: $20 | Non-members: $25

QUESTIONS? EMAIL CAMPS@BRANDYWINEZOO.ORG or call (302) 571-7850 Ext. 209


Check back in the fall for more dates.

For ages 15+Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at a zoo? Get hands-on experience working alongside Zoo staff to clean enclosures, prepare diets, create enrichment, and educate the public. These semi-private experiences can accommodate a max of 4 people. Registration is required.

Members: $70 | Non-members: $75

QUESTIONS? EMAIL CAMPS@BRANDYWINEZOO.ORG or call (302) 571-7850 Ext. 209



  • Face masks must be worn in all indoor and animal areas. There are no exemptions.
  • Your shoes must be closed-toed, such as sneakers or hiking boots. Wear shoes that are comfortable and able to get dirty.
  • This program has components inside and outside. Please dress for the weather, and we recommend wearing layers, as our indoor animal areas are kept at 80 degrees F.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that you can get dirty. Please do not wear a skirt or a dress. Pants or long shorts are best.
  • Do not wear dangling jewelry or clothing.


  • During this program you will assist zoo staff in basic animal care for some of the Brandywine Zoo’s ambassador animals. This may include the reserves section (North American porcupine and giant Flemish rabbit) and/or the reptiles section (turtles, lizards, snakes, etc).
  • All animal experiences are subject to change without notice.
  • Direct contact with any animal is not guaranteed.


  • Participants will assist zoo staff in basic animal care, preparing animal diets, communicating with the public, and more (depending on timing).
  • A reasonable level of fitness is required to take part in this program. Participants may need to work in tight spaces, reach, climb or balance, and stoop, kneel, or crouch, as well as lift and carry heavy objects.
  • Participants must be able to communicate effectively and follow instructions.
  • Participants may be exposed to injury, animal bodily fluids, outdoor weather conditions, allergens such as dust, animal fur, or hay/straw and other hazards common in a zoo setting.
  • The Brandywine Zoo reserves the right to ask any participant to leave the zoo should they behave in an inappropriate or unsafe manner.

Refunds/Illness Policies

  • Refunds will not be provided for cancellations made within two weeks of the program date.
  • The temperature of each participant will be taken as they arrive at the zoo. You may not participate if your temperature is 99.5 F or higher, or if you are showing signs/symptoms of illness.
  • In the case of illness or exposure to someone who is covid positive within 5 days of the program, please do not attend. We will work with you to re-schedule your program.


  • Participants should head to the Education Building when they arrive. The Education Building is on Monkey Hill, across the cobblestone road from the zoo entrance. Follow the sidewalk to the front door and ring the doorbell to be admitted.
  • This program is a rain or shine event.
  • Photos are not allowed in behind the scenes areas. Zoo staff will ensure participants have appropriate photo opportunities when possible.
  • After the program is over, participants are welcome to explore the zoo on their own. Admission to the zoo directly after the program ends is included in the cost of this program.