Traveling Zoo


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Our Traveling Zoo visits schools, libraries, day care centers, and other institutions with programs that educate and entertain. Children and adults alike will have experiences that are memorable and enjoyable!

Traveling Zoo programs can be adapted to a range of ages and meet different standards, such as LS4.B, LS4.C, and LS4.D. If you would like more information on the standards applicable to your program, please email us at If you would like to book a custom program, please email us with the subject line “Custom Traveling Zoo Program.”

Traveling Zoo Rates
Base Fee $210/program + travel fees $190/program + travel fees $285 (1 hour)
Additional Program Fee $175 each additional program $150 each additional program $75 each additional (30 min)
Max per day 3 programs 3 programs 3 consecutive hours
Audience Size
& Program Length
Max 35 total people (including students, teachers, aides, etc); 30 min per program Max 35 total people (including students, teachers, aides, etc); 30 min per program No limit on participants; 1-3 hours
SCHOLARSHIPS We are able to offer partial scholarships to Delaware Title 1 schools and public libraries for up to 50% of the total program cost.

Out of State Programs
Due to permitting requirements, out of state programs need to be booked at least four weeks in advance.

The Traveling Zoo can visit all counties in Delaware, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania, and Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, and Caroline counties in Maryland.

Traveling Zoo Mileage Rates
Calculate your Traveling Zoo fees to include program and mileage rates. Fees are measured by distance from the zoo to your site, in one direction.

<25 MILES – $20 flat rate
EACH ADDITIONAL 10 MILES – $10 per every 10 miles

Standard Programs


Program Length: 30 minutes

Explore how animals are adapted to live in their environments and discover the importance of biodiversity and why the conservation of each organism matters. This program is tailored to your students age group.


Program Length: 30 minutes

Discover how humans and animals use their senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing to learn about their surrounding and interact with their world.


Program Length: 30 minutes

Animals live in their habitat homes, and each habitat contains an ecosystem of interacting plants and animals that rely on each other for survival. Learn about what makes up ecosystems and habitats and what animals need to survive. Optional add on to learn about Delaware ecosystems. This program is tailored to your students age group.



Program Length: 30 minutes

During storybook programs, we’ll read a story and discuss relevant themes paired with some animal friends and touchable artifacts from the story. Choose from the following books: Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judi Barrett, Armadilly Chili by Helen Ketteman, Hank’s Big Day by Evan Kuhlman, and Little Skink’s Tail by Janet Halfman. Choose your book preferences when registering. If you would like a different book, email us at with the subject line “Custom Storybook Program.”

Brandywine Zoo walk by boothZoo Walk-By Booth

Program Length: 1-3 hours

We can visit your next community, corporate, or school event with live animals, cool, touchable artifacts, and fun facts!

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What does a Traveling Zoo program consist of?

  • Standard Programs: Our most popular program! A Standard Program is about 30 minutes long and will include a visit from three Ambassador Animals. Standard Programs can be themed to align topics your students are learning about in class. During these programs we will discuss relevant themes while meeting and learning about the visiting animals.
  • Storybook Programs: Ideal for kindergarten and pre-k students! A Storybook Program is about 30 minutes long and will include a visit from two Ambassador Animals. During storybook programs, we’ll read a story and discuss relevant themes paired with meeting and learning about the visiting animals.
  • Zoo Walk-by Booth: For school fairs, festivals, and other large scale events. The Traveling Zoo can visit your event for up to three hours. We will set up a table with live animals and touchable animal artifacts for guests to see and learn about.

I’m not with a school group. Can I book a program?

  • Our Traveling Zoo programs are designed to be primarily educational. We visit schools, libraries, day care centers, and other institutions with programs that educate and entertain.
  • We can attend other programs, such as scout groups or community groups, that meet in a public building. However, we cannot attend any programs hosted in a private home, such as birthday or holiday parties.

    • If you are interested in hosting a party that would include a visit from an Ambassador Animal, we do offer birthday party rentals at the zoo. You can find more information about these programs here:

What animals will visit?

  • Animals will vary and may change depending on the program theme, weather, and availability. We have education Ambassador Animals including mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, with most programs receiving a visit from 2-3 animals.

How many people can attend?

  • Standard and Storybook programs can accommodate a maximum of 35 total people (including students, teachers, aides, etc). We can do a maximum of three consecutive programs a day.
  • Walk-by Booth programs do not have a limit on participants, but have a maximum time of three hours.

When can I book a program?

  • Traveling Zoo programs are available year-round. We can work with your schedule, but typically the Traveling Zoo can leave the zoo as early as 9 am and must return by 4 pm.

How do I book a Traveling Zoo Program?

  • To book a program, please complete the Traveling Zoo Request Form here: On this form you will be asked to provide the physical address where the program will be held, two potential dates, the number of participants, and the topic you are interested in. One of our educators will check program and staff availability and get back to you within two weeks of your registration. If you do not hear back after this time, please email us at

What do I need to provide on site?

  • Depending on the program, specific details may vary. In general, we ask that you provide the following:

    • A designated presentation area. This could be a classroom, gymnasium, library space, etc. This room must not be otherwise in use during setup, breakdown, and transition times.
    • A 4-6 ft table and two chairs. Tables should be oriented so that they are only approachable by the public from one side.
    • If the program is outdoors, the area must be shaded/covered.
  • In addition, the presentation area should be distanced from any other animal (class or personal pets, service animals, etc) and should be free of excessive noise.

What are your policies for cancellations/rescheduling/refunds?

  • In the event that a program must be canceled or rescheduled, we ask that you notify us at least 48 hours in advance.
  • We will work with you to reschedule your program to another date as much as possible. Multiple reschedulings may be subject to an administrative fee.
  • Cancellations received more than 2 weeks before selected program date will be given a refund and are subject to a $25 administrative fee.
  • A 50% refund can be returned if notice of cancellation is given between 2 weeks and 48 hours of the program. No refunds are given for cancellations within 48 hours of the program.