Crowned Lemur


The Brandywine Zoo has two crowned lemurs: Kipp and Sophie. Kipp was born at the Duke Lemur Center on May 6, 2016. Sophie was born at Zoo Atlanta April 28, 2018. They arrived in October, 2020, and currently have a breeding recommendation from their conservation breeding program! While we can hope for baby crowned lemurs in the future, only time will tell if these two are a match!

Threats & Conservation

They are threatened by deforestation caused by agriculture, mainly slash-and-burn farming, and from hunting for bushmeat, and the pet trade. Madagascar is an extremely impoverished country with many humanitarian issues which make wildlife conservation a challenge unless these issues are also addressed.

Fun Facts

Named because of the characteristic orange, crown shaped coloration on the top of their heads.

Lemurs have dental combs which is a built-in hair comb. Grooming is an important social bonding time!

Lemurs are the most threatened group of mammals on the planet. 95%  of lemur species are at risk of extinction!

Lemur translates as “spirits of the dead” or even “evil spirits of the dead” and was picked because of the nocturnal activity and of the slender loris. The word became quickly transferred to all primates native to Madagascar.