Ring-tailed Lemur


The Brandywine Zoo has four related male lemurs: Bran, Jamie, Khal, and Tyrion. Yes, they are named after characters from the iconic show Game of Thrones, based on the G.R.R. Martin books A Song of Fire and Ice! Bran and Jamie are fraternal twins, and they share the same father as Khal and Tyrion. All boys were born in March, 2018 at the Bronx Zoo. They arrived from the Bronx Zoo in October, 2020, and currently live as a bachelor group – meaning its just boys in this troop!

Threats & Conservation

Ring-tailed lemur populations have declined more than 95% since 2000. They are threatened by deforestation caused by agriculture, mainly slash-and-burn farming, and from hunting for bushmeat, and the pet trade. Madagascar is an extremely impoverished country with many humanitarian issues which make wildlife conservation a challenge unless these issues are also addressed.

Fun Facts

Ring-tailed lemurs are the most terrestrial of all lemur species, spending sometimes as much as 40-50% of their time on the ground.

Unlike most other primates, lemurs are matriarchal- this means they live in female-dominate societies.

Ring-tailed lemurs live in some of the largest social groups of all lemurs, sometimes up to 30-35 individuals in an extended family!

Males and females look almost identical, and both weigh in at an average of around 5 pounds!

Maki is the word for lemur in Malagasy