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Presented By: Brandywine Zoo’s Delaware Kestrel Partnership and the American Kestrel Partnership

The American kestrel is North America’s smallest and most wide-spread falcon. Though the American Kestrel is federally listed as a species of least concern, populations of American Kestrels in the United States have been observed to be in significant decline since 1967. Four states list the American kestrel as threatened, but only Delaware lists the species as state endangered.

kestrel Symposium speakers

Symposium speakers

To better coordinate Kestrel population sampling and conservation efforts, an organized symposium was coordinated by the Brandywine Zoo, in partnership with The Peregrine Fund’s American Kestrel Partnership, with the focus of highlighting research by professionals and citizen scientists studying American Kestrels. During this two day symposium, researchers, conservationist, citizen scientists, students and academics from around North America came together to present and discuss their research to an audience of their peers. Presenters at the Symposium included keynote speaker Dr. John Smallwood from Montclair State University, plus speakers from USGS’s Bird Banding Lab’s, The American Kestrel Partnership, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Hawkwatch International, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Boise State’s Raptor Research Center and many other renowned researchers and citizen scientists. The symposium was attended by roughly 100 guests from more than 12 states and two countries, with attendees coming from nature centers, universities, birding organizations, and no less than five State Fish and Wildlife Services represented.

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